About Us

Resilient companies understand that only talented employees with unique skill sets can create value in an ever changing marketplace.

Nine out of ten managers and supervisors do not have the necessary skills or knowledge to lead their people. Ninety percent of most companies are under-led and unprepared. Seven out of ten employees are over managed and under-led. Less effective working habits negatively affect employee engagement and company sustainability.

Revenue always follows resourcefulness. Specifically; individual, team and departmental resourcefulness. It’s a correct principle. The biggest risk to your businesses ability to adapt and thrive does not come from the external, it comes from the internal. It’s not always from the outside, it’s often from within.

We have been recognised for our unique foresight, insight and credibility. We are known for our industry expertise and world class training and development solutions in addition to business growth methodologies. We’re passionate about providing principle based consultancy solutions and learning and development programs that deliver significant value and on-going results.

At Benson & Company we understand the core principles that grow people and companies and realise that we can only be as successful as the organisations that we serve. To this end, we recognise that we succeed only when our clients succeed and only by being integral to their success.