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Job Description:
The training team at Benson & Company is looking for an experienced training consultant to present a number of different management training programs within the company’s portfolio. This position reports to the Director of Training but will be working closely with the Training Content and Research Department and Sales and Marketing. Potential candidates will have a professional training and delivery style and extensive experience presenting to all levels including senior management and director level.


  • Conduct one, two and five day training programs for corporate clients, non-profits and local governments
  • Experience plan and develop training solutions for adult learners
  • Work closely with the Sales and Marketing department to identify and execute sales potential and ‘next step’ opportunities
  • Test and optimise training solutions and client needs analysis
  • Contribute and assist in the improvement of programs to the Training and Development Research Team

Required Skills:

  • 4- minimum experience in senior level training and facilitation with exception presentation skills
  • A successful track record of developing and presenting ‘high content’ training and development solutions
  • High energy personality with flexibility, adaptability and capability to ‘think on your feet’
  • Ability to create instant rapport with individuals and groups – one on one or one to many
  • Ability to communicate pratical and theoritical concepts with a clear and relevant style
  • Excellent analytical, organisation and project management skills
  • Strong verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Comfortable with rapidly changing priorities
  • Excellent analytical, organisational, project management and time management skills
  • Successful and comfortable working in fast-paced culture that is results oriented
  • Bachelors degree or above in Education, Human Resource Management or Organisational Development or related field

How To Apply
Send us your resume or CV, cover letter and a link to a live demonstration for your facilitation skills using the form below:

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