Marketing and public relations has been rapidly expanding for a decade now. The introduction of innumerable online resources has made reputation management an immediate concern.

The many different strategies that now need to be incorporated into the marketing strategy means the budget has to stretch further and further.

Benson & Company’s consulting services will help you to maximise the return from your marketing budget. Our partnership will help you to raise awareness, build positive reputations, and take full advantage of media opportunities.

A modern marketing strategy must be built around a fully inclusive approach. It must have built in flexibility that lets you adapt immediately to new data, events, and opportunities. The immediacy of social media means crisis management is an important factor in maintaining your brands image.

News travels faster than ever, and being able to appeal to the right people in the media is an important factor. Our consultant will help you mix the correct amounts of tried and tested strategies with creativity and innovation, to help you achieve the biggest possible impact from your campaigns.

With all of the attention on global strategies it is sometimes easy to overlook the importance of good community relations. Getting involved in strategically selected events can be used to help motivate staff, raise your companies’ public profile, and help infrastructure development.

Our consultants are always experts in their industry. They all have many years practical experience, and proven track records as business leaders. They use their wealth of knowledge and vast experience to help you achieve the best possible results from your marketing and PR budgets.

We only use consultants who are passionate about their sector. This means not only will you be working with someone who has an industry insight that’s hard to match, but also someone who is as committed to your success as you are.

Our professional training consultants and advisors have one key objective when working within your organisation, sustainable growth, personally, professionally and organisationally.