What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn to define successful project parameters
  • 3  biggest reasons projects they break down
  • Define your specific objectives and identify priorities
  • Learn to create a measurable and realistic plan
  • Learn how to break each project down into manageable stages
  • Learn to execute when resources are scarce
  • Team breakdown – why they occur
  • keep your project flowing smoothly
  • Learn to use the proven tools of Project Management creatively
  • How to deal with ‘non team players’
  • How to report bad news with potential solutions
  • Evaluate progress and problems quickly
  • Fundamental skills and formulas that allow you to document progress
  • The adjustments that are necessary to keep your project on schedule
  • Know how to build flexibility into project timelines
  • And much, much more…

Great projects aren’t born; they are engineered from the ground up. Advanced Project Planning skills must be learned. If you are struggling in your role as a project manager, it is not because you are unfit for the job. This course will outline advanced tips and techniques that will assist you to execute projects successfully.

Who Will Benefit:

If the stress of managing projects has taken a toll on you, if you are tired of your projects facing delays and cost increases, if you are tired of communication breakdowns… this program is for you. Part or Full time project managers will gain insights and knowledge that will produce first rate projects every time.

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