What You’ll Learn:

  • Defining 1st principles
  • The passive, aggressive and assertive styles
  • How to deal with the trouble maker
  • Keep your self-esteem and confidence intact under pressure
  • Learn to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty
  • How to understand non-verbal communication styles
  • Guidelines for asking effective questions
  • How to deal with the ‘passive/aggressive’ type
  • Effective listening skills
  • The 3 “P’s” of speaking
  • Develop ‘win-win’ agreements
  • Dealing with ‘interests’ rather than ‘positions’
  • One proven way to buy time in a conflict
  • Handle an aggressive boss
  • 5 Ways to handle others anger
  • How to move complainers to ‘problem solving’ mode
  • Using special body language with difficult people
  • Understand how to deal with sarcasm and biting requests
  • And Much, Much More…

This powerful Assertiveness for Professional People training course we will show you how to combine strength and sensitivity in order to get more of what you want whilst handling your communication challenges with confidence, openness and competence. You will see immediate improvement in your relationships with bosses, employees, co-workers and colleagues.

Who Will Benefit:

Designed for professional people, this training program you will discover how to develop the skills that assertive individuals use to influence. You will learn how to use the most powerful tools in human communication to get results. You can use these skills with your contacts and colleagues as you consider new ways to communicate that will influence others to your point of view.

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