What You’ll Learn:

  • When and how to give advice
  • How to maintain a healthy level of pressure
  • When to express your opinion and when to say nothing
  • A proven way to continuously encourage individual team members
  • What do you do when communication ‘misfires’
  • How to manage results not activity
  • To understand the role of coach at work
  • How do you harness natural competition as a positive force
  • 4 tips for effective follow-up when team building
  • Techniques for raising enthusiasm
  • A key formula that ensures good decision making
  • The 4 steps to take when talking to a difficult team member
  • Your game plan: 3 proven steps for effective planning
  • Why it is essential to ‘manage things’ and to ‘lead people’
  • What do you offer as an incentive when you cannot offer a pay rise
  • When to leave counselling to the professionals
  • How to correct the incorrect constructively
  • Take advantage of proven esteem building principles
  •  How to develop trust: strategies to establish and develop it
  • Win-Win: proven strategies to ensure that no one loses
  • And much, much more…

Employees need more than managing; they need coaching, mentoring and guidance to ensure they achieve with a continued drive and purpose. No employee likes to be managed; employees must be led. One proven approach is to use Team Building. In this idea packed program you will learn the proven strategies that improve leadership and team building performance.

Who Will Benefit:

World class coaches have discovered that the self-same skills that produce winners in the sports arena also work in a business setting. This learning experience is designed to teach you powerful coaching and team building methods to turn even average employees into productive motivated winners.

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