What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify the “root” of the problem
  • The steps you can take today to repair damaged relationships
  • Common warning signs that conflict is brewing
  • How to take “negative energy” and transform it into productivity
  • To proactively address problematic employees ahead of time
  • Key communication breakdowns to avoid
  • How to identify the “traps” that confrontational individuals will set
  • The secrets of clear communication during conflict
  • How to identify when you are at fault
  • The distinctions you must know to avoid damaged relationships
  • Practical steps to take in conflict management
  • When the problem can be fixed, and when it can’t
  • Keep an unpleasant conversation or confrontation from ruining your day
  • How to communicate clearly with your employees and colleagues
  • Saying what needs to be said without causing offence
  • And much, much more…

You will learn proven, real-world techniques for conflict management. These aren’t academic theories, they are time-tested solutions used by top professionals and managers all across the world. Conflict is inevitable. The only question is… how will you react or respond?

Who Will Benefit:

This powerful Conflict Management Training Course we will outline how to manage conflict smoothly and effectively. Learn how to address the inevitable confrontations and misunderstandings that occur in the world of business without alienating those around you. Designed for professionals, managers, supervisors and anyone who wants to be effective with people.

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