What You’ll Learn:

  • Essential “first steps” in the planning process to ensure success
  • The most common reasons that events go off track
  • How to set a timeline for event planning
  • The key elements of every successful meeting
  • How to determine where to hold your event
  • Whether or not you need a ‘team’ and how to create it
  • What to ask your vendors and suppliers
  • Proven secrets of negotiation with vendors and suppliers
  • Where to start while budgeting
  • How to create a smooth registration process on event day
  • How to create a menu that will be remembered
  • How to manage technical details for the event
  • Where to begin with printed materials
  • How to book the right entertainers
  • How to earn the ‘rave reviews’ you desire
  • And much, much more…

Successful Event Planning is all in the details. And there are plenty of details that must be managed… Unfortunately, the demands of your day-to-day job can make it difficult to keep everything straight. Discover real-world tips and techniques that enable you to plan and execute unforgettable events inside or outside your organisation.

Who Will Benefit:

This powerful Event Planning for Managers programme will show full-time managers how to plan and execute memorable events. If the process seems overwhelming and it seems there are too many details to manage, don’t worry! We will teach you proven principles and techniques that will enable you to run a masterful event.

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