What You’ll Learn:

  • What it takes to improve commitment and dedication
  • Why you need to be visible to your employees and team members
  • How to development employees for promotionial opportunities
  • Ways to encourage feedback and suggestions from team members
  • How to deal with sensitive topics like hygiene, discrimination and tardiness
  • How to take immediate action to establish authority and respect of your team
  • How to “draw the line” with social relationships with employees and staff
  • To avoid classic “turn offs” that many managers and supervisors commit
  • 3 principles to dealing with employees that aren’t performing
  • How to create clear and effective rules without being overbearing
  • To identify the motivations and the skills of each team member
  • How to manage conflict among group members
  • To walk the line between effective oversight and micro-management
  • The secrets of effective delegation, up and down!
  • Little-known keys of effective communication
  • How to use performance appraisals to improve performance
  • And much, much more…

You’re motivated and highly skilled, if you weren’t you wouldn’t have earned a position as a manager or supervisor to begin with. But as you will soon learn (or most likely have already learned), the skills and abilities that allowed you to earn your managerial job are different from the skills and abilities it takes to be a great supervisor or manager.

Who Will Benefit:

Managing people is not always easy. If you have been a manager or supervisor for some time this course will outline principles to increase your abilities. In this Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor training course you will discover how to increase your interpersonal abilities and strengths whilst working on areas that need development and improvement.

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