What You’ll Learn:

  • Strategies to eliminate your mortgage fast
  • How to prepare against Murphy’s Law
  • Principles to increase your spending choices – even on a fixed income
  • How to create true wealth, without the worry
  • 7 deadly myths about money that everyone believes
  • Why increased income doesn’t always solve money problems
  • The ‘Spending Matrix’ – is it a ‘want’ or a ‘need…’
  • How to avoid debt and ‘high interest’ payments
  • The only time to use a credit card
  • To manage different spending priorities in relationships
  • How to make saving an enjoyable habit
  • How to become debt free within ten years
  • The 4 tools for achieving financial control
  • How financial problems begin and how to avoid them
  • The 6 basic principles for wise investing
  • Determine the difference between ‘standard of living’ and ‘quality of life’
  • 3 principles that govern financial freedom
  • How to develop and use a family budget
  • Learn to use the debt eliminator calendar
  • Learn the 7 success principles of wealth and affluence
  • And Much, Much More…

Money, like time is one of the most misused and highly misunderstood resources in life. A common belief is that money management is only for the poor or those in debt. This personal financial management will outline proven distinctions of effective money management that guarantee a secure financial future.

Who Will Benefit:

Money concerns pervade our thoughts, often in a negative way. This personal financial management training course will identify in detail, the proven strategies and principles that govern successful money management. Eliminate the unwanted stresses and concerns that a lack of money often brings. Attend this personal financial management and enjoy your best return on investment ever!

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