What You’ll Learn:

  • How do you deal with ‘hard to talk to’ people?
  • How to turn unwanted conflict into positive dialogue
  • How do you maximise the 93% non-verbal communication
  • Use the practical ‘paraphrasing’ method to ensure the message is understood
  • 8 steps to ensure speakers feel listened to
  • Use persuasive communication skills to convince others of your message
  • Best uses of humor
  • Understand negative, neutral and positive talking styles
  • Oops! Did I really say that out loud?
  • How do you communicate ‘bad news’ tactfully and in a professional tone?
  • How do you hammer out agreements where everyone wins?
  • Identify and eliminate repetitive language
  • When do you use ‘open and closed’ questions?
  • Key listening principles to ensure you really understand
  • Learn the feedback loop between you and your team
  • How to react to mistakes… without belittling or insulting
  • Know when to agree, disagree and remain neutral in any meeting
  • Rapport – A meeting of minds and understanding
  • And Much, Much More…

No matter what your objectives, in this How to Acquire a Small Business Training Course you gain the proven principles and ideas that ensure that your acquisition journey is effective and successful. You will learn how to get the best terms and buy in for the existing team, in addition to understanding different financing strategies.

Who Will Benefit:

No matter what your responsibility, you must communicate. Whether verbal or non-verbal, intentional or unintentional, active or passive, communication occupies up to 75% of your day. In this seminar will give you the proven principles and techniques for enhanced interpersonal communication.

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