What You’ll Learn:

  • A new perspective on confrontation
  • How to identify hidden agendas
  • The proven steps to keep disagreements from exploding into anger
  • How to use constructive feedback
  • Proven steps for controlling anger and tempers
  • How to spot “warning signs” before it is too late
  • Which confrontations must be avoided at all costs
  • The steps you can take today to repair damaged relationships
  • How to take control in the first moments of a confrontation
  • How to take “negative energy” and transform it into productivity
  • How to avoid the “traps” that confrontational individuals will set
  • The secrets of communicating clearly during conflict
  • How to make conflict a “turning point” in the relationship
  • How to offer feedback without alienating others
  • When it’s okay not to address conflict
  • How to deal with issues before they affect others
  • How to avoid common mistakes and errors that provoke anger
  • When to stop talking in difficult situations
  • How to keep an unpleasant conversation from ruining your day
  • To identify hidden insecurities in yourself and in others
  • And much, much more…

Maintaining a pleasant and positive workplace environment is not only desirable—it’s essential for productivity. But it is all too easy for personal problems and disagreements to tear people apart and create a toxic environment. In this how to manage conflict and confrontation training course, we will give you the tools and the proven techniques to resolve conflict and maintain strong, healthy relationships.

Who Will Benefit:

How to manage conflict and confrontation is for managers, supervisors, team leaders and support staff will gain the skills to resolve workplace conflict and move past confrontation. Discover how to identify the “root cause” of each issue—and how to move past problems with tact and skill. You’ll learn how to overcome all the ‘people problems…’ so you can focus on what’s important.

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