What You’ll Learn:

  • To discover your own personal stress ‘triggers’
  • Combat the ‘do-it-all’ syndrome
  • How to achieve a real and satisfying balance between work and home life
  • Learn the principles to become stress-‘able’
  • Stress free vs. Stress smart: 4 distinctions
  • The 5 signs of burnout and how to avoid them
  • Where are you on the self-esteem circle
  • How to handle difficult people
  • How to differentiate between anger and hostility
  • The 2 operating styles: type ‘A’ or type ‘B’ personality style
  • Why you need to own your own problems
  • The important difference between long and short-term stress
  • How to respond – rather than react in stressful situations
  • How to be free from ‘approval addiction’
  • To let go of stress you can’t control
  • Men’s v Women’s stressors – understanding the differences
  • The 7th Day Principle 

In this Stress Management programme we will show show you how to develop the skills that turn the stressful into the successful. Stress causes negative energy – this is usually dealt with in a dis-organised and often counterproductive way.

Who Will Benefit:

This Stress Management Training Course will teach you how to identify the sources of pressure in your work and personal life and transform them into positive forces. You will learn to recognise these symptoms early, function with them and effectively eliminate them.

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