What You’ll Learn:

  • How to bring in top-notch talent
  • To handle the hiring process without getting into trouble with the law
  • When using a temporary staffing agency is a good idea… and when it’s not
  • How to cut through the “filler”: evaluating resumes and CV’s
  • How to create an effective interview process
  • Practical courses of action for addressing problematic employees
  • How to terminate an employee when the situation calls for it
  • How to “run a right ship” without ending up in court
  • To create an effective employee manual
  • Best practices for workplace safety
  • How to reduce stress and create a comfortable environment
  • How to get by when there’s not enough time in the day
  • And much, much more…

This powerful course specifically designed for HR and Personnel Assistants. Our experts will teach you practical, real-world principles and techniques that will enable you to perform your job more effectively than ever. We will teach you how to recruit effectively, manage conflict, ensure productivity, and stay in compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Who Will Benefit:

Anyone dealing with the HR or Personnel departments. Our experts will teach real-world tips and techniques that will allow you to manage more effectively than ever. If you are Human Resources or a Personnel professional, you can’t afford to overlook this HR Assistant Training Course.

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