Industry Overview
There are few industries where there are quite so many varied customers to consider. Consumers, travel and tourism partners, not to mention stakeholders, government and investors; airlines and transportation industries need to ensure they run a tight ship to make the most of opportunities in the current economic climate.

The potential for growth has never been stronger. Whether managing logistics in the air, on land, by sea or underground, companies can expand and seize the opportunity proffered by deregulation, by privatisation and consolidation. There are also distinct challenges; environmental and eco issues, combining a global marketplace with local demands and economies whilst creating and operating a sustainable infrastructure.

In a diverse marketplace there are absolute truths, and these can be strengthened by Benson & Company’s training and consultancy courses. For the Airlines and Transportation industry you may well have global offices, but recognise the importance of having consistent leadership and management at each location. To grow you may need to build on your ability to communicate your work to key stakeholders as well as increasing your customer base. We provide focus, help you to identify your strengths and draw on our own expertise to help you build on your position in the field. We help you to build leaders, and create an environment that supports and enables growth.


  • Training services helping you develop your team from the ground up including administration, customer service, HR, personal development and management
  • Strengthening communications both internally and externally. Project and time management as well as social media and marketing to build your audience inside and out.
  • Making your team technically aware, improving computer and software skills
  • Ensuring your ship runs smoothly, so specific courses in conflict and confrontation management
  • For industry consulting we provide you with an expert able to offer insight and experience to your sector.

Benson & Company develop training courses to fit your business and are tailored specifically for your industry. To request a call back click here

Case Study
Training courses can be developed to work on leadership and management either with an individual, a team or a whole organisation. Divided into four key areas the focus is on strengthening skills. In a diverse industry it is vital to ensure every individual is achieving their potential. Assertiveness for Women and Communication for Women help to empower those companies wanting to build equality in the boardroom and the corporate ladder.

For the wider team, improving communication skills both within the organisation and improving the offer and discourse to customers helps to strengthen a brand and coordinate a message. Conflict and confrontation weaken the identity and uniformity of a team and organisation.

Our specific training courses help to enable managers to take a lead in a difficult situation, creating a positive environment.