Industry Overview
To improve teaching, education needs to embrace technology to maximise its effectiveness, the ability of students to achieve as well as to make the most of innovation.

Education doesn’t want to become a business but it can embrace strategic and developmental behaviours that help make business more efficient and successful.

A vocation like no other, education can struggle to bridge the gap between managing and operating. The pendulum swings one way or the other; too much focus on teaching and not enough on day to day management or too much focus and not enough inspiration. What is needed is balance. Knowledge and experience should be embraced as providing perspective and to help find that balance.

Whether local authority or higher education, public or private, developing management skills, as well as helping foster team building and improved communication can help teachers and education providers work more coherently and balance the demands on their time and energies.


  • Communication & Interpersonal training can help improve a teacher’s ability to talk to different audiences, inside and outside the classroom.
  • Team Building and Leadership help to create a focused staff, committed to the same objectives and using resources effectively.
  • For those at the senior end of education, Leadership Development & Influence can help them master a shift in audience and focus. Funders, politicians, thinkers and other leaders, seniority often means a greater focus in ensuring your voice is heard.
  • Today’s students rely on an understanding of innovation, of Computer & Software skills. For educators it is vital that they can harness the same level of knowledge and understanding to pass it on.

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Case Study
Education often finds itself at the forefront of the political sphere, both locally and nationally. For a new appointment in a senior position, it might mark a significant personal jump in status that requires careful management. The skills and understanding are there, they just need to be focused. Leadership and Team Building training can help to hone those skills and talents, encouraging productivity and passion while also being able to manage diverse voices and challenges.