Industry Overview
Healthcare, crossing pharmaceutical, public and private practice is in the midst of a period of change. The marketplace itself is shifting. There’s a demand for greater efficiency; a call for a high standard of care to be delivered while at the same time a reduction in budget.

This need for greater productiveness and resourcefulness is required from every member of the team, from top to bottom in the sector. There is a need for continuous innovation to match the need for value for money. There is an increasing use of technology, needed for systems for delivery or better communication. The idea that those in healthcare need to talk to each other more effectively is a common one amongst the general public. The ability to communicate well with those inside, and outside, the profession is vital.


  • Administrative & Support helps to support efficient systems across the industry.
  • When there is pressure on an industry there is a need to develop teams and ensure
  • there is consistency of message and understanding across the sector. Training in Communication & Interpersonal skills helps to deal with this.
  • Team Building & Leadership helps to ensure there is confidence in the team set by those at the top. In a high profile industry unity and a strong ethos help ensure work is conducted at a high standard with few distractions.
  • Computer & Software Skills help to ensure the most efficient methods for delivery are delivered across the sector with all staff possessing a foundation of skills that are up to date with the latest technology. This encourages innovation.

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Case Study
Technology drives forward innovation and with a demand for greater efficiency it can be the easiest route to improving an effective service that’s good value. For example a new appointment system could be useful for improved efficiency across a practice area or private company. It improves communication with patients, helps to track care and treatment and promotes uniformity in approach. A training course in Computer Skills & Software would ensure that every member of staff is well versed in IT, is able to use the new system, removing the need for dedicated staff to look after different programmes. This makes it more cost-effective as well as being easier for patients to use.