Industry Overview
Working in Industrial Goods and Services means being part of a global marketplace. The term covers a range of sectors from Advanced Manufacturing to Aerospace and Defence, Construction and Sciences.

What becomes important with such a diverse portfolio? There needs to be uniformity across continents. Clients, wherever they are based along with supply chains need the same level of service no matter where they are. The bigger the company and its global footprint the greater the importance for an innovative use of technology, ensuring it remains modernised and efficient

Along with this commitment to technology there needs to be the ability to create global leaders within the team. These individuals need to be able to usher the company into new marketplaces, to see an opportunity and to expand. Communication is vital.


  • Leadership Development & Influence means creating confident individuals at the top who can work efficiently at every level of business. Working globally means being able to get the message across smoothly and effectively, no matter where you are.
  • To be a leader you have to communicate a message to the team internally as well as externally. To do this well a training course in Communication & Interpersonal helps to hone skills.
  • Growth and expansion requires Management & Supervisory qualities to ensure the best is being sought and achieved through each team.
  • Engaging with clients, consumers and the supply chain is vital. The next step from communication is to embrace Social Media & Marketing

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Case Study
When expanding into a new market there is an opportunity for growth. You need a team to set up the new channel, to research and understand marketplace effectively. What is required is leadership, the ability to establish this new team and to develop skills. Communication is vital making sure it is uniform and is connected with the message being delivered at HQ. Marketing, social media, and using new technology helps to raise the profile of the brand in the new location, helping you to understand and connect with a new audience. When there is an opportunity to expand, do the groundwork by ensuring the skills of the team are strengthened.