Industry Overview
From exploration, research, metal forming, processing and mine planning there is a wide range of experience and expertise in the Metals and Mining industry. Working across continents, managing teams in far flung corners of the globe often means developing complex logistics and facing challenging projects. Each has to be done on time and to budget.

Working regionally, nationally and internationally this is an industry that is a vital part of the economy wherever it operates. For individuals working within it there must be a focus on continuous improvement, of professional learning as well as an understanding of sustainable practice and development. There are real opportunities within the industry yet it is also facing severe challenges.

Resource nationalism and the ability to work and communicate effectively with governments, a shortage of skills affecting delivery, reduced budgets and inflated prices with the need to manage supply chains effectively along with a commitment to combat fraud and corruption. It can be an unpredictable industry, often subject to the markets so to be successful it requires strong individuals and leaders within the team helping to command and to deliver vision and practice. This is the core of international operations.


  • Team Building & Leadership helps to ensure the right people are doing the job. With each member of the team inspired to work to the best of their ability and to have uniform practice across continents strengthens a company’s image and objective.
  • Leadership Development & Influence helps to create a strong core delivery team at the top of the firm, working at the forefront of its operations around the globe.
  • Project & Time Management are at the heart of ensuring work develops from strategy to delivery smoothly and on budget.
  • Personal Development helps to make sure each member of the team feels they are achieving their full potential, however close to the heart of the company they operate.

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Case Study
Working in remote areas, it becomes more important for teams to understand their objective and message. There is a cost implication of working longer on a project than is necessary. This can affect the wider supply chain and impact on profitability and reputation of company. Therefore project and time management becomes vitally important. It starts in the planning stages, with a risk assessment along with ascertain opportunities for minimising risk.

There needs to be an understanding of the resources needed, both in manpower and on the ground in terms of technology. There must be a briefing across range of disciplines in the team, ensuring utilising experience of different members. Project management is a continuous process. It is on-going while on site. There must be communication with headquarters, updating the rest of the team on developments. This helps to make sure projects are delivered on time and under budget.