Industry Overview
Many firms in the Pharmaceuticals industry are looking for staff with the right skills. The reason for this is a fairly long term strategy of reducing in-house teams, relying on external companies to lead on research and development. That period of downsizing has come to an end and teams are seeking for growth, but how to source the right skills?

According to one report the most sought after skills within pharmaceutical firms are the ability to develop and manage outside partnerships as well as understanding and managing regulatory science. The move away from external companies looking after these two key areas leaves the internal skill set wanting.

Alongside investing in internal staff, there comes a need to boost skills. A training programme can improve the capability of staff, ensuring they meet company vision and growth objectives.


  • When investing in the workforce the first step is to offer training in Human Resources and Development. This means that the right applicants can be sourced for new jobs.
  • Personal Development helps to identify the skills and abilities needed to be developed within the new and existing team.
  • Presentation Skills and Facilitation. Research skills can be developed within the company but to improve communication with outside agencies this is an important tool to convey message.
  • Grammar and Business Writing Skills will improve the ability to talk to investors, funders and other potential business partners.

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Case Study
The ability to communicate research and information to outside agencies is a vital skill within the Pharmaceutical industry. Often complex information has to be conveyed clearly and with clarity. The importance of selling the product and the research done is a key element of the firm’s income and profile. Developing presentation skills helps to build on an individual’s experience and ability to communicate effectively, to exude confidence and knowledge while being able to answer questions succinctly and clearly.