Industry Overview
The Social and Public Sector covers a variety of different industries and activities. It includes not-forprofit, charities as well as government and education. A core part of the economy with a close relationship often the policies of the social & public sector underpin the day to day lives of the majority of the population.

Organisations and individuals in the social & public sector are often working at the forefront of tackling the most significant issues facing the global community and society. This includes ecological change and global development, tackling poverty and empowering social entrepreneurship, education from the age of 5 and above and training and developing professionals in higher education. Through central and local government it includes providing various services and levels of care from health, poverty, elderly and vulnerable individuals and protecting society. Through a close bond with the private sector, also incorporated is the development of a social and corporate conscience, binding both sectors together for community benefit.


  • The principle challenge is a reduction in budget and income sourcing. Developing and training individuals within this sector means improving their ability to communicate effectively with outside partners as well as being able to work in remote locations. Social & Public Sector organisations vary in size so matching training to boost existing skills and experience is vital.
  • Sourcing funding is often an important training area for staff in the Social & Public Sector. Specific training in Grammar and Business Writing Skills can ensure these applications are written in a coherent and informative way.
  • For smaller organisations within the sector, training in Finance and Accounting helps to manage income and spend, creating more viable SMEs.
  • To build relationships with external organisations, training in Presentation Skills & Facilitation can boost confidence and the ability to communicate the message and ethos of the organisation effectively.

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Case Study
For the Social & Public Sector, the greatest challenge economically speaking is sourcing funding and investment. To do this effectively individuals need to be able to at once understand their offer and also to be able to communicate if effectively. This may involve writing proposals and bid writing as well as making presentations. Training to inspire confidence and knowing how to explain and explore the organisation and its work fully and comprehensively to engage attention, and attract funding, is vital in the current economic climate.