Industry Overview
Technology is an industry driven by innovation. A major growth sector in the UK economy, technology companies frequently start small but grow rapidly as their idea gains traction. They hire staff for their skills and experience.

On the one hand this approach offers true flexibility in business. On the other it can potentially be a threat. Whether in the software sector, creative and design, producing hardware or a service to business technology is part of a supply chain. Its business model is reliant on the success of other markets and its ability to make the most of opportunity.

Technology companies frequently need training support throughout the lifetime of their company. Whether as a start-up and in the incubator phase, to a blossoming SME or on the fast-track to a multi-national it remains important for them to build on their sales and working cost-effectively while communicating their offer.


  • Training in Sales & Account Management can help a technology company grow their business by identifying potential clients and managing them through the project period.
  • Team Building and Leadership can instil a company ethos and ensure every member of the team is committed to and inspired by the company.
  • Personal Development training offers every member of staff the chance to identify how they can achieve their potential, the skills and abilities they want to progress their career and how to develop a programme of delivery for this with the company.
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business training helps start-ups become better businesses. Identifying opportunity and learning from best practice this can help individuals and small firms emerging into the marketplace.

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Case Study
Market leaders within the technology sector often need training support to help them through periods of change. In a sector focused so heavily on innovation and fast-paced development an investment in employees can be timely and hugely beneficial. Helping employees learn information about customer service and how to improve their forward-facing communication, improving their sales skills as well as developing systems for operating cost-effectively creates a committed team. By developing the skills of its staff it also helps a market leader stay as flexible as the most streamlined start-up.