Industry Overview
Telecommunications firms operate in new markets. Launching new products and services, entreating new customers, while still serving existing ones, this is a sector with the potential for significant growth. This means that the use of resources is all important. There is a constant need to ensure performance is as high and perfected as it can be that costs are kept at a steady level and that profit and resources are used effectively.

For training purposes this requires having a workforce able to respond to and adapt to change rapidly. Ensuring every member of the team has the skills to contribute what the company needs from them is vital.


  • Customer Service & Support helps to understand the current and potential customer, to ensure they get the best service and are communicated with effectively.
  • Sales & Account Management helps staff focus on profit-making and developing income strands. It ensures the focus is on client satisfaction and delivering an excellent service.
  • What is important for this streamlined and flexible operation is the right individuals. Human Resources & Development training helps make sure the right staff with the right skills are hired.
  • Emerging technology and how to sell the offer helps to seize new opportunities. Training in Social Media & Marketing helps teach the skills required to boost the profile of the business and its work.

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Case Study
Telecommunications firms work in a competitive industry. The focus is on working costeffectively while also staying on top of emerging technology and trends. From a Human Resources perspective this begins with hiring the right members of staff. Individuals with the skills, abilities and experience to help the firm stay ahead of the curve and exploit new opportunities. Through Development this skills are maximised and develop along with newer trends and technologies. This helps the company stay competitive.