Industry Overview
Utilities companies face unique challenges in today’s market. As well as increasing global competition along supply chains and logistics issues there is a growing demand for sustainable and decarbonised energy solutions. Prices are unpredictable and communicating these issues can be as volatile as the marketplace.

To work in a sector that is constantly changing a utility company needs to be able to rely on tis staff globally. It needs to be confident they can communicate the companies’ message and help it respond to opportunity. There needs to be an understanding of innovation and the possibility of emerging technology. They need to be competitive commercially while also adhering to regulation. This requires balance but also a mindfulness of the needs of the customers.

Like with so many other industries, technology is shaping practice. The change in modelling and the increase in 3D rendering and design is shifting how projects develop and the understanding and knowledge required.


  • Communication & Interpersonal training helps to ensure staff working remotely and at different locations around the globe can adhere to the company message and ethos
  • Customer Service & Support ensures that, even in a commercial and competitive sphere, it can still serve and respond to customers effectively and efficiently
  • Utilities companies need to work closely with governments and powerful conglomerates around the globe. Focusing training on Leadership Development and Influence helps to create committed and confident representatives for the company on this powerful stage.

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Case Study
For a utilities company being able to offer a complete service for customers is vital. Operating in a competitive marketplace, with strict regulation, customers are aware of their rights as well as focusing on getting a good deal. For the company, therefore, it is imperativ that every member of staff who is customer facing is trained with how to communicate the companies policy and ethos effectively, whilst also solving any problems or issues that might arise.