New Work Principles for a Radically Changing World

The 9 Powerful Ideas for Stakeholder Effectiveness in an Age of Uncertainty

There is a new shift that is currently occurring, a new and altogether different approach to what we have been used to. New technologies have been dissolving medium and large organizations for some time. Top management cannot run things the way they used to, even if they desperately want to. Competition for your job is coming from any and everywhere on the planet. The ability to adapt and live with uncertainty will be the number one skill of all successful companies today and well into the future.


Most employees and business owners think they understand the situation, not realising that the situation has just changed. We must recognize that we only jeopardize our future when we hold on to old assumptions and patterns. The ability to change and change rapidly is the needed skill of the successful employee, entrepreneur and business owner now and in the future. The message is clear; start behaving like you’re in business for your-self. Even if you work for somebody else, manage it like you own it. You must become an agent unto yourself.

These 9 Principles outline the needed guidelines for managing business, career and yourself in an age of uncertainty and ambiguity. These non-negotiable traits are based on our training and consulting experience at Benson & Company for over two decades. We hope that you enjoy and use these powerful distinctions.

The 9 Powerful Ideas Include:

  1. Render Consistent Value – How the role of the ‘CVO’ is essential for growth
  2. Stay in School – Why the L&D function is the only way to build sustainability
  3. Speed Up – Move Faster – Why more, better, faster and different is needed
  4. Hold Yourself Responsible – The accountable manager vs. responsible manager
  5. Commit to the Process – Why Resourcefulness creates great companies
  6. And many more…

As this book points out; ‘Revenue always follows resourcefulness. Specifically; individual, team and departmental resourcefulness. It’s a correct principle. The biggest risk to your businesses ability to adapt and thrive does not come from the external, it comes from the internal. It’s not always from the outside, it’s often from within.’

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