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Benson & Company only work with speakers who are exceptional achievers, industry experts, and have the ability to engage, motivate, and entertain.

Many established organisations overlook the importance of being prepared for tomorrow. The world of business and technology is rapidly changing, and getting a professional insight into what the future may bring is crucial.

Our speakers will not only help you to understand what the future may have in store, but can also provide you with crucial ways to start preparing for tomorrow, and to ensure your business remains flexible enough to the ever evolving marketplaces we operate in.

Peter Fingar

Cloud Computing & Technology Expert, Thought-Leader, Bestselling Author

Patricia Aburdene

Author of the number one bestseller Megatrends 2000. Future Trends, Social Forecaster, and Corporate Transformation Expert

James Canton, Ph.D.

Renowned Global Futurist, Author and Visionary Business Advisor

Dave Mosby

CEO, Technologist, Visionary, and Author

Daniel Kraft, MD

Healthcare Futurist and Technology Speaker, Physician, Scientist, Entrepreneur and Innovator

Alex Hunter

Former Head of Virgin Online, Branding and Marketing Speaker, Digital Ninja

Watts Wacker

World Renowned Futurist, Author, Social Commentator and Provocateur

Steve Wozniak

Co-Founder, Apple Computer, Inventor of the World's First Personal Computer, Cult Icon, Computer Geek

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