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Benson & Company only work with speakers who are exceptional achievers, industry experts, and have the ability to engage, motivate, and entertain.

There is scarcely a part of our business or personal life that isn't affected by Government. It affects everything from our children's education and healthcare, right through to business decisions that have tax implications.

Political figures are generally experts at leading and influencing people. These qualities make for a very charismatic speaker. They will add weight to your event, and bring inspiration and motivation to any conference.

They can provide a rare and insightful view of the world, giving a unique perspective on many subjects, and explaining common public misconceptions.

Waldo Waldman

Hall of Fame, Speaker and National bestselling author

Garry Kasparov

World Chess Champion, Author, Master of Strategy

Andy Friedman

Political Affairs Expert and Financial Analyst

Andy Acho

Environmental Initiatives Expert and Former Worldwide Director of Environmental Outreach and Strategy, Ford Motor Company

Andrew Winston

Green Business Expert, Environmental Advocate and Best Selling Author

Will Durst

Comedian, Syndicated Columnist, Political Satirist, Commentator

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