5 Essential Characteristics for Team Effectiveness

Simply saying a team is successful does not make it the case – so what does?

With the advent of things like outsourcing, co-working, and open plan office spaces, organisations are placing an increasing emphasis on building effective teams. Having groups that work together to achieve a common goal is of paramount importance, and any business should be made up of several successful teams. But how is this achieved? And what is the benchmark of “success”?

When looking at how a team interacts, and how they tackle things like challenges and triumphs, you can see certain traits in each successful group, such as:

1. A discernable team leader
Every great team will have a clear leader, driving the team towards success. This person differs from a manager in that they are not issuing instructions, but are assuming an active role in participating in the work, and helping the individuals within the group to work together.

2. Tangible team goals
A team is termed successful when they have achieved a goal or target, and so a strong team will know exactly what it is working towards at all times. Members of an effective team have an understanding of the common purpose, along with the smaller goals to hit along the way.

3. Effective communication
Some teams meet daily for morning confabs, while others catch-up weekly, or even just over email. However it happens, communication is present in all good teams. This serves to not only remind everyone of the common goals mentioned above, but also to reduce duplication of efforts, lower the chances of conflict arising, and to ensure timelines are being adhered to.

4. Collaboration and accountability
While a team may do it’s best to work in harmony, it’s inevitable that challenges will arise. A strong team will skip playing the blame game, and work together to come up with effective solutions that can be implemented quickly to get the project back on track.

5. Cohesion
High-performing teams work together like clockwork, with a number of highly skilled individuals taking up different roles within it. A great team will ideally have diverse talents – perhaps some members that are skilled at logistics, while others are strong with business development. When all of these skill-sets are harnessed effectively and pooled together, a successful team is born.

In union there is strength.

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