5 Ways to Evaluate Learning and Development

Having implemented some training interventions or development, you then need to evaluate the success of it – but how do you go about doing this effectively?

There are a number of methods, including those informed by Donald Kirkpatrick, that you may wish to employ. Which you choose to use will depend largely on things like the size of your team, the type of training or instruction, and your own preferences. However, whichever method you utilise, it should always strive to measure:

1. The reaction to the training

Perhaps the simplest way to evaluate your team’s learning and development is to ask the individuals involved in it. How did they feel about the training? What did they like/dislike about it? What would they change? What was the most important thing they learned? Relying on this basic feedback forms a great starting point for further evaluation.

2. Changes in performance

If you are noticing that the performance in the area in which individuals received training is improving, you can quantify this as success. For example, if staff received training on a new piece of software or CMS, and you have noticed an increased usage and better results, this can be linked to your training.

3. Changes in behaviour

Skills gaps or a lack of training and education can often be linked to negative behaviours such as gossiping or absenteeism. Luckily, they can also be rectified through training and education. If after the training employees feel better equipped to do their work and less stressed and worried, this will translate into positive behaviours.

4. Results

Ultimately, the success of any training can be seen in the performance of the individuals and teams that received it. If after the training you are noticing that productivity, profit and performance have improved, it can be considered a success. If after you have invested time and money into the training and the performance remains the same or worsens, this can be considered ineffective, and steps should be taken to rectify it.

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Excerpt taken from: How To Measure the Impact of Training & Development – 14 Guidelines to measure your ROI & Ensure Effective Training Programmes by Benson & Company. See www.managementguides.co.uk for more details.

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Sylvia Mathews Burwell
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