What You’ll Learn:

  • The key principles of relationship development
  • A step by step approach to create personal connection
  • How to set objectives before each call or meeting in order to ensure results
  • The basic personality profiles you are likely to encounter
  • How to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses from a sales standpoint
  • A powerful technique to make the most of every interaction – planned or not
  • Keys to managing yourself so you can effectively manage your accounts
  • How to set and achieve goals despite a stressful and chaotic environment
  • Why effective listening is among the most important skills for an account
  • How to read your clients’ body language to understand what they really want
  • Proven tips to communicate the value that you and your company provide
  • How to measure your effectiveness in sales account management
  • And much, much more…

If you work in account management and you want to become more effective, you can’t afford to miss this powerful Sales and Account management Training Course. This is not an “academic” course full of hard to apply theory, this programme is packed with tips and strategies that are proven to get real world results.

Who Will Benefit:

Managing sales accounts can be stressful and challenging but it doesn’t always have to be. Our team of experts will present real-world techniques that have proven successful time and time again; information, tips and techniques that will allow you to manage accounts more successfully than before. At the heart, account management is all about managing important relationships. Designed for sew sales and account managers.

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