What You’ll Learn:

  • To identify non-verbal communications that project weakness
  • How to communicate with your boss
  • To “short circuit” confrontations before they get out of hand
  • How to speak up and contribute in team meetings
  • What it takes to make a great first impression
  • How to walk to tricky tightrope of punishment and reward
  • How to communicate powerfully but without offending your audience
  • To identify your personal communication style and adjust it as necessary
  • How to feel comfortable asking for what you need
  • How to deal with bullies
  • How to say “no” with confidence
  • To interpret and respond to nonverbal communication
  • How to speak so that your audience will listen
  • To be ready for impromptu speaking opportunities
  • And much, much more…

In this powerful Assertiveness for new managers programme, we will teach you proven techniques and practices that will enable you to communicate clearly and assertively. Our experts will teach you how to command the respect that your position demands. And you will learn how to do it without offending or angering your team.

Who Will Benefit:

As a new manager, it is vital that you command the respect of your team and your superiors. But it can be challenging to assert yourself when you are not used to your position of authority. Ideal if you are a new manager, team leader or supervisor who wants to develop assertiveness skills.

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