What You’ll Learn:

  • How to deal with problem team members
  • To Setting measurable goals
  • How to achieve authentic ‘buy in’
  • Gain credibility as a team
  • How to recruit valuable team members
  • To encourage your team to take risks
  • Guidelines for powerful team meetings
  • How to use co-operation and competition as motivation
  • 4 essential elements of good team communication
  • How to provide feedback to your team
  • The role of the ‘Raison d’être’ statement
  • The 9 successful traits of work teams
  • Develop ‘win-win’ outcomes
  • To identify team values
  • To Manage conflict and confrontation
  • Setting the ‘rules of the road’ and principles of conduct
  • The team decision making process
  • To use principles of effective delegation
  • The No. 1 reason why teams succeed or fail
  • And much, much more…

In this program you will discover the essential principles teams must use to function at their peak. You will discover proven methods to keep your team moving and on track while producing excellent results.

Who Will Benefit:

For groups that want to function as dynamic teams. This training program we will show you how to turn your group into an unstoppable team. You’ll discover how to use vision to inspire team members, how to guide your team through difficult times and achieve objectives.

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