What You’ll Learn:

  • How to set clear, enforceable standards
  • The signs of trouble to watch out for
  • To identify “recurring” problems
  • How to maintain a cool head and a clear mind during conflict
  • How to evaluate your own role in the behaviour
  • When behaviour must be addressed immediately
  • How to keep bad behavior from contaminating your entire team
  • The only 3 options for a difficult person
  • How to provide helpful feedback
  • To stop rewarding bad behaviour
  • How to get to the “heart” of the manner
  • To mediate disagreements without “taking sides”
  • How to “defuse” tense situations before they explode
  • To act instead of react to troubling situations
  • How to avoid the most common communication breakdowns
  • When to be “tough”… and when to be gentle
  • And much, much more…

It is sometimes tempting to think that if you simply ignore the problem, it will go away… but we know that this is not the case. As the manager, supervisor or team leader, it is your job to put a stop to unacceptable and unproductive behavior before it affects the entire team.

Who Will Benefit:

In this dealing effectively with unacceptable employee behavior training course will teach you the skills and the techniques you need to effectively address unacceptable behavior. We will teach you how to identify and correct it before it poisons other employees and the work environment. You don’t have to “put up” with difficult employees any longer—let our team show you a better way.

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