What You’ll Learn:

  • Adopt a structured approach
  • What are the basic rules of writing?
  • Best practice for letters, faxes, memos, reports and proposals
  • Develop great opening lines
  • Discover how to use ‘action verbs’ that make your message come alive
  • 10 most common report writing failures and how to avoid them
  • What is the best practice for e-mail and electronic communication?
  • Pinpoint redundant phrases that obscure your message and confuse readers
  • Develop a great outline – first time
  • How do you communicate tactfully ‘bad news’ in a professional tone?
  • End your letters with strong ‘closers’ that get results
  • Build rapport quickly to engage readers
  • Writing ‘tone’, the ‘active’ and the ‘passive’ voice
  • Identify and eliminate repetitive language
  • 3 sure ways to breakdown writers ‘block’
  • How to choose the perfect word to express your thoughts, every time
  • Avoid common flaws and ensure your document will be taken seriously
  • 10 phrases to never use
  • And Much, Much More…

Literally millions of emails and other written communications are fired off every single day. Most professionals don’t think twice about their written communication skills—but the consequences of this neglect can be severe. In this training we will teach you the principles of strong email and business writing. It’s a skill that will benefit you every single day.

Who Will Benefit:

Your written communication, especially email and business writing, plays a significant role in determining your image and the way you are perceived by your colleagues, employees, and supervisors. Common mistakes like poor grammar, misspellings, and a lack of clarity can often make you look unprofessional. This course is designed for professionals at all levels and anyone that writes as a part of their professional responsibility.

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