What You’ll Learn:

  • The basics of facilities management
  • How to manage risk and create disaster plans
  • How to create a maintenance plan to stay “ahead of the eight ball”
  • Contractor management
  • How to manage projects—on time, and under budget
  • What the “pros” know that you don’t
  • The basics of grounds maintenance
  • How to forecast growth needs for your organisation
  • The leadership skills you need to succeed
  • Critical communication skills
  • How to earn “buy in” from your employees and your colleagues
  • Outsourcing versus in-house
  • To make the most out of your space
  • How to leverage technology for facility management
  • To create and stick to a budget
  • Dealing with unacceptable performance issues
  • And much, much more…

Facilities management isn’t easy—particularly if you lack training in the subject. Discover how to manage activities including; cost control, maintenance, operations, and employee safety. This info packed course will outline proven, real-world techniques to manage your facility efficiently and effectively.

Who Will Benefit:

Gain everything you need know in this facilities management training course; overseeing maintenance, hiring contractors, risk management, disaster planning, and much more. We’ll present proven strategies and techniques that world-class facility managers use every day, with an emphasis on “real world” practices and solutions.

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