What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make sense of financial statements
  • Secrets of good Financial Managers
  • How accounting will help you plan for growth
  • How to avoid common misconceptions non-financial managers have
  • How to use the right terminology when discussing finances
  • How to identify the important numbers in any financial report
  • How to spot opportunities for improving cash flow
  • Financial techniques to “break even” when revenues are down
  • What “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles”, mean
  • To cut expenses and improve revenue
  • How to use financial tools to measure results
  • How to confidently work with financial data
  • How to save money, time and frustration
  • How to use the numbers for strategic planning and decision making
  • How to be confident when making financial plans and decisions
  • To become more productive and valuable as a team member
  • How to cut through the technical language
  • Translate financial data into meaningful concepts and understandable terms
  • To “speak the language” of financial officers in your business
  • Build a reputation for consistently meeting your budget
  • And much, much more…

With our Finance for Non Financial Managers Training Course, your new found understanding of financial principles will give you the ability to quickly analyze and interpret documents that were once incomprehensible. You’ll be a better manager, as your value to your organization will increase.

Who Will Benefit:

This training program will identify the basics of financial accounting. But it won’t be like any accounting reference books full of finance ‘speak’. We will however, teach you crucial principles in a easy and common-sense language that can be easily understood and digested.

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