What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build a team that consistently performs at its best
  • Reward your staff in more motivating ways
  • How to detect and correct performance problems
  • Keep employees focused on top priorities
  • The principles of correct delegation
  • The 2 main sources of leadership power
  • How to become a respected member of your management team
  • How to establish boundaries for supervisor or subordinate functions
  • How to run meetings that create real momentum
  • The words should you avoid in performance feedback
  • How to make projects and goals team driven
  • How to give real praise that is remembered
  • 6 ways to discipline and obtain positive results
  • How to minimise pressure and handle stress
  • Turn poor communication into great communication
  • The backward way of raising your visibility and earning respect
  • How to turbo drive individual performance
  • What to do if former peers and current friends are part of your team
  • How to reduce to the lowest possible level absenteeism and tardiness
  • How to get others to ‘buy-in’ to the company’s mission or vision
  • How to defuse angry, hostile or aggressive employees
  • Choose a supervisory style that works best for you
  • And much, much more…

If you wear a lot of hats, this course is for you. Regardless of your previous experience in leading your team, this idea packed training will give you proven principles and provide supervisors, managers and team leaders with the skills they need to excel.

Who Will Benefit:

In this manager and supervisor training course will show you how to develop the key leadership skills that turn a supervisor or manager into an effective, efficient and productive leader. Applying just a few of these tips, tactics and strategies will make significant improvements.

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