What You’ll Learn:

  • How to organise and file paperwork with an ‘outgoing’ system
  • Proven tips to spot mistakes and discrepancies
  • Strategies for leveraging cash without harming your relationships with vendors
  • Little-used communication strategies to encourage cooperation
  • How to save time and money by catching costly errors before they occur
  • To spot common problems during the payment process, and how to fix them
  • Everything new regarding industry changes and government regulations
  • How to leverage “checks and balances”
  • To cut down time spent on purchase orders, bills, and the related paperwork
  • How to understand and manage various billing cycles
  • What it takes to keep technology under control
  • How not to pay too soon (or to late)
  • How to handle invoice surprises
  • How to evaluate and understand payment terms
  • How to stay on top of invoices to avoid late payments
  • What to do when the products received aren’t what you asked or paid for
  • How to take control of your expense processing
  • Secrets for managing payment disputes
  • And much, much more…

In this powerful program you’ll learn to get your accounts payable under control so that you can get back to enjoying your job. You will learn proven tips and techniques that will help you stay organized, use your time efficiently, and manage your company assets more effectively.

Who Will Benefit:

Accounts payable is a difficult task even for an experienced accountant, let alone for a manager or a professional. In this training course we will provide you with the real-world tips, tricks, and strategies you need to do your job efficiently and maximize your cash flow.

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