What You’ll Learn:

  • When a written policy is necessary, and when it’s not
  • How to start off on the “right foot” while writing policy
  • The key questions to ask about every policy and procedure
  • To stay sharp even when the work gets dull
  • How to simplify complicated procedures
  • To write policy that is clear, firm… but not overbearing
  • How to say more with less
  • Key steps to avoid misunderstanding
  • How to “tighten” your policy statements by “cutting out the fat”
  • The difference between “rules” and “policies”
  • How to effectively communicate a policy that is unpopular
  • How to write disclaimers which limit legal liability
  • Secrets of formatting and design that make policies easier to grasp
  • How to revise and update your policies
  • And much, much more…

If writing policies and procedures is part of your job description, you can’t afford to miss this program. Learn how write policy in a clear, straightforward manner that your team can buy in to. Effective policies and procedures are essential for every business and organisation.

Who Will Benefit:

Writing policy may not be a task for everyone, but clear policies and procedures are vital to the success of every business and organisation. In this one-day program, our experts will share tips and techniques used by top-notch professionals from around the world. If policy writing is part of your job description, you can’t afford to ignore this program.

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