What You’ll Learn:

  • Over-competition:  is it leading to conflict?
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the “competitive model”
  • How to choose more positive, self-serving emotions
  • How to admit anger without losing your composure
  • How to relax: techniques to calm down quickly  and avoid tension
  • How do you go from ‘1-2-3 BANG to 3-2-1 calm’
  • The use of the ‘Diversion Perversion’
  • Self-destructive behaviours
  • Why complainers complain: moving them to problem solving mode
  • Turn an attitudinal problem into a valuable solution
  • The 4 steps to take when talking to your “difficult person”
  • One proven way to buy time when dealing with a difficult
  • 3 tactics that prevent you from being manipulated by others
  • How to deal with touchy people who take things personally
  • What to do when someone starts yelling!
  • 3 best responses to sarcasm
  • How to know when to back down
  • Developing trust: principles to establish and develop trust with your team
  • Win-Win: proven strategies to ensure that no one loses
  • Learn how to bring out the best in even the worst offenders
  • And much, much more…

Most conflict can be resolved fairly and fairly easily. The key is to first build your strengths and understand your “difficult person”; discover what makes them tick. In this seminar you will learn techniques proven to work on a variety of conflicts and confrontations.

Who Will Benefit:

Designed anyone who has to deal with difficult people. Attend this Managing and Dealing with Difficult People workshop and you will discover how to develop the skills that make a “difficult person” an asset that you appreciate having on your team. Not only will you be able to capture their particular talent, but you will be able to use their energy to help drive your team onward and upward.

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