What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create realistic and effective sales management goals for the future
  • What it takes to start new salespeople off on the right track
  • Practical secrets for running effective meetings
  • How to mentor and develop sales reps
  • Establish needed KPI’s that ensure team members are aligned
  • The proven ways to dealing with remote workers and teams
  • The secrets of effective time management
  • To identify your own sales management style
  • Several key differences between sales and management
  • Best methods of training ‘in the field’ for new sales members
  • Secrets of effective accountability and follow up
  • Conduct effective performance reviews that get results
  • How to manage the expectations of your superiors and managers
  • How to build confidence in your team members and gain credibility
  • How to deal effectively with problem team members
  • Use the right rewards and understand how different motivators work
  • What it takes to gain respect and the cooperation of your former co-workers
  • How to get things done through others instead of doing them yourself
  • To avoid the most common mistakes committed by “rookie” managers
  • And much, much more…

Just because you are a good salesperson does not mean that you’ll be a good sales manager. Yet, this is exactly the position that many individuals find themselves in. In this powerful programme, we will teach proven strategies and techniques that will enable you to excel in your new role as sales manager.

Who Will Benefit:

This programme will introduce real-world techniques that will allow you, as a sales professional, to navigate the challenging transition to sales management. If you’re a sales manager, and especially if you are new to the job, you can’t afford to miss this programme. Our experts will teach you everything you need to know to successfully manage this complex transition. You’ll learn powerful techniques and strategies that will allow you to succeed in your challenging new role as an effective sales manager.

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