What You’ll Learn:

  • To be an effective mentor for your team members
  • Common leadership mistakes to avoid
  • What it takes to inspire commitment and dedication
  • Why you need to be visible to your employees
  • To identify effective oversight and micro-management
  • How to lead in tough times
  • Why an understanding is essential to leadership
  • How to gain credibility and respect
  • 5 principles to inspire followers
  • The secrets of effective delegation
  • Confront under-performing employee productivity
  • To create a results-oriented team focus
  • The basics of motivational psychology
  • What it takes to lead a team through change
  • The secrets of effective feedback
  • When to “coach” and when to “direct”
  • And much, much more…

In this powerful Principles of Professional Leadership Training Course, you will learn proven strategies and techniques used by world-class managers across the globe and in a variety of industries. This will be nothing like your classes at university, these are practical, real-world principles that get results.

Who Will Benefit:

Effective leaders are in high demand. Designed to give leaders the ability to mobilise their team, motivate and lead them to accomplish big things. This program, you will teach principles that will allow you to take your leadership skills to a whole new level.

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