What You’ll Learn:

  • Essential business writing skills
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Time management secrets
  • How to manage unpleasant personalities
  • What it takes to gain respect of peers
  • Tips and techniques of telephone skills
  • How to communicate confidently and effectively
  • How cross-training will increase your value in your role
  • Key principles in dealing effectively with difficult people
  • Proven steps to streamlining paperwork
  • How to project confidence
  • To maintain focus despite the chaos
  • To identify personal roadblocks to productivity
  • How to function effectively even when the boss is out
  • Practical stress relievers to reduce the tension
  • And much, much more…

But that’s not all you’ll learn, because in addition to teaching you how to become more effective and Professional Receptionist this powerful training course will also help you maximize your value to your organisation. And higher value means more respect, more opportunities for advancement, and of course higher compensation.

Who Will Benefit:

The skills you learn in this program will increase your value while enhancing your career prospects. If you’re a receptionist and you’d like to become better at your job while furthering your career, you can’t afford to miss this program. Designed for the Professional Receptionist, Assistants, PA’s and support staff.

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