What You’ll Learn:

  • How to define your objectives and identify possible road blocks
  • To use communication skills in order to keep your team focused
  • How to create a measurable and realistic plan in spite of changing priorities
  • How to avoid “office politics” in order to keep your team on track
  • 9 principles to get the most from your team
  • Make the adjustments that are necessary to keep your project on track
  • To avoid unnecessary logistical delays
  • How to break complex projects down into manageable segments
  • How to evaluate progress and deal with unplanned events
  • Planning formulas for success; 4 things project managers overlook
  • How to make “bottlenecks” a thing of the past
  • The basics of cost estimation and dealing with budget constraints
  • Real world project simulation, problems and solutions
  • And much, much more…

In short, we’ll take the most important, time-tested principles of project management and fit them into one fast-paced workshop. If you’re responsible for managing projects, this may be the single most valuable career development program you’ve taken to date.

Who Will Benefit:

This project management workshop is for managers, supervisors and team leaders wanting to improve their project management skills. You’ll learn how to achieve the “holy grail” of project management and consistently finish projects ahead of schedule. Discover what it takes to keep your team motivated, organised, and productive.

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