Industry Overview
In agriculture and farming modernisation often requires understanding new and emerging technology, how it can benefit the business and connect you to the wider industry. Whatever the sector – dairy, livestock, arable or poultry – there is a need for greater efficiency, cost cutting and the most effective use of time and resources. Agriculture and farming stands astride a global, national and hyperlocal economy. The industry can feel its energy and resources being pulled in different directions. To stay successful, to modernise while satisfying existing clients the modern farmer must learn to be a salesman, to be able to communicate his or her expertise.

The pressures in modern farming involve improving efficiency, utilising the right technology when it is needed, working effectively with supply chains as well as keeping abreast of industry regulations.

At its heart this means the modern agricultural sector needs a greater understanding of IT and computer skills, help with the development of a financial and accounts system as well as the ability to develop sales techniques. Each farmer understands the importance of a fertile soil. The same is true of business; to combat challenges facing the sector it is their core offer and business model each farmer must examine.

Seemingly a huge task but with a structured strategy for growth, the right skills and training this is an easily accomplished goal. Benson & Company can deliver a bespoke section of training courses designed to suit the needs of any core business.


  • To use time more efficiently develop administrative and support skills helping streamline the paper side of the business
  • Focus on understanding Finance & Accounting to manage cash flow and maximise profit. Understanding incomings and outgoings strengthens the position of the small businessman.
  • IT & Technology simplifies tasks, all it requires is knowledge. Arm yourself withunderstanding helping you to reduce costs and search for the best deals.
  • To improve your efficiency and effectiveness at securing new clients and developingsupply lines explore a training course in Sales, helping you secure more successfulinvestments and partnerships.

Benson & Company develop training courses to fit your business and are tailored specifically for your industry. To request a call back click here

Case Study
Agriculture and farming are in a period of diversification, so for one business the training needs focused on developing their core skills and making the day to day operation run more efficiently. The Computer & Software Skills course with Benson & Company focused on delivering a greater understanding of managing the farm’s day to day needs using a desktop computer, using programmes for managing cash flow, accounts as well as farm numbers and supplier details. This streamlined activity, ensuring that an hour a day could be spent managing the running of the farm with greater effectiveness. It also helped organisation, ensuring every document was easy to find.