Industry Overview
Construction and Building face a challenge. Embracing new approaches will affect the root and branch of the industry from design to build, from how a site and a project is run to how buildings are operated and maintained once they are populated. Yet this is also an opportunity, to seize and develop a new way of working and to be at the forefront of a new generation of Construction. This would be beneficial both to each individual company as well as the wider economy.

The growth of sustainability and its impact on the design and implementation of the built environment promises to shift how Construction and Building operate. This is a vocation with a core group of individuals being able to lead strategy and development. Each leader within construction has at their fingertips a team diverse with skills and experience. To manage that effectively project management is vital, along with an understanding of how to balance resources and expertise.

Like with so many other industries, technology is shaping practice. The change in modelling and the increase in 3D rendering and design is shifting how projects develop and the understanding and knowledge required.


  • Administrative & Support skills can help to develop those with a very practical based training. Running an office and fitting in with established methods of operation help make a project streamlined as well as cost-effective.
  • Project & Time Management is a vital skill for those leading a project. Monitoring and managing a budget as well as staff resources and risk factors helps a company to run more smoothly and take advantage of the opportunities presented.
  • Leading a team with a diverse skillset requires Team Building & Leadership. It is important to manage skills individually and ensure they balance and complement each other for the project.
  • Finance & Accounting skills are attractive to those sole traders or small businesses within the industry that require the tools to manage their own operation, while also relying on their practical skills.

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Case Study
A change in any industry often results in a shrinking workforce. Within Construction & Building this often results in a need to cross-develop skills. For example a foreman might find that increasingly he needs to run an office as well as a building site, and thus needs to improve his Computer & Software Skills. Similarly a worker might discover they need to improve their project management skills if they are to enjoy promotion. A diversification of the required skills helps to keep the industry adaptable and flexible for change and development.