Industry Overview
The financial services sector is fast-paced, demanding and more streamlined than ever. This is coupled with tighter budgets, a greater focus on outlay and resources as well as customer service.

There is a greater scrutiny on the financial services industry. Its shortcomings have been laid bare and to recoup any losses and restore confidence it must imbue younger members of the team with the knowledge and experience of those older. Now is the opportunity to shape a new sector, inspired by a new way of working.

A digital revolution and a demand for innovation means that the older generation still has something to learn. Brand and activity must be consistent across the globe, whether the business is retail banking, private and wealth management, asset management or insurance.

For the industry it is imperative that at its core runs a commitment to transparency, leadership, an efficient and effective use of resources as well as independence and confidence for each member of the team. It is vital that core personal skills are developed and that innovation and an understanding of technology is at the heart of growth and progression.


  • Customer Service & Support to ensure the firm puts the customer at the forefront of any activity and is seen to do so
  • Team Building & Leadership can help shape a successful group of employees, focusing on motivation and using the best skills available for the benefit of the company
  • Similarly Leadership Development & Influence helps to create executives that can shepherd the company and industry through challenging times, leading organisational change and getting the best out of employees.
  • Computer & Software skills are vital for a firm with innovation at its heart. Understanding how to optimise resources and having a uniform operating system and strategy across a range of different sites helps create a strong and unified workforce that works efficiently.

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Case Study
Within the financial services industry change management is an inevitable part of current strategy. Yet to prepare for the next phase, it is important to ensure the employees that remain have the skills, abilities and experience required to help the company continue to succeed, to serve its clients as well as make a profit. Therefore working to develop employees before change management is needed is often astute. Combining personal and leadership development with the acquisition of new skills, like IT, create a workforce ready to “hit the ground running” and enables strategy to continue to unfurl and develop, even while disruption occurs