Industry Overview
No other industry is at the forefront of the digital revolution in the same way as Media & Marketing. The way individuals and companies work, how they gather information and then present it to a mass audience has changed. The consumer itself has shifted; news, brands and interaction – all are changing and require a new perspective as we enter into a new third age.

Within the industry there are two distinct requirements for development. Firstly there needs to be an understanding of how to develop and produce content. Different platforms, like social media, require a different strategy and scope of comprehension. Next is the audience. The media almost has to go back to the drawing board to rediscover and align itself with its audience.

This covers a raft of industry from film to television and radio, communications, publishing, gaming, music as well as online providers. Developing the individual with the right skills needed to manage this digital transformation and a shift to a multi-platform approach is vital. Understanding the opportunity these tools proffer to communicate with the audience most effectively is a close second.


  • Social Media & Marketing helps to understand the technological shift at the heart of this change. Interaction with media and brands is immediate and it is creative. Remaining within the conversation is just as important as leading it. This course enables individuals to understand the new tools at their fingertips, as well as how to measure and evaluate their success.
  • Computer & Software Skills help create an individual who is comfortable and confident working online. From editing to uploading content, IT skills are now mandatory.
  • Talking directly to the audience, as is important in the digital arena, requires Presentation Skills & Facilitation. Having the right message is one objective, saying it effectively is just as vital.
  • Similarly Communication & Interpersonal helps to ensure a standard of interaction throughout the team. Working remotely, without set deadlines in a pressurised environment means communication is more important than ever.

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Case Study
For a traditional brand social media might prove a stumbling block. Direct interaction, the risk of complaint or of making a mistake can deter many firms from embracing this new communications tool. Relying on experience as well as expertise this training course offers an insight into how social media can be wielded, the opportunity it offers as well as how it can be integrated into existing communication. Evaluation and monitoring help to provide an understanding of what is working and what needs to be improved.