Industry Overview
Multichannel environments, the connected consumer; the retail environment is changing rapidly. A combination of economic ups and downs, in a technologically savvy shopper, the rise of internet shopping and a blurring between a physical retail landscape and the virtual one is creating challenges for bricks and mortar retail. For those with an online presence there are opportunities for growth and expansion.

To be part of the retail landscape of the future, retailers need to understand the consumer, to anticipate their needs and expectation. They also need to be able to communicate on a variety of different platforms, via e-commerce, social media and mobile device.

To incorporate innovation into their strategy, retailers therefore need to boost the skills and training on offer for their staff.


  • Customer Service & Support helps train members of staff to put the consumer first and to ensure this is the focal point of their day to day activity.
  • Communication & Interpersonal skills helps to improve staff’s ability to talk effectively with customers and colleagues alike, promoting a smooth retail operation and ensuring ideas and innovations come to the forefront.
  • Team Building & Leadership is vital to ensure that senior members of staff are able to motivate and inspire their colleagues. Communicating shared ideas and a company ethos helps strengthen strategy.
  • To understand how technology can be integrated into activity a training course in Social Media & Marketing can help to illustrate the benefit and opportunity offered by talking directly to consumers.

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Case Study
The emerging retail landscape involves a greater focus on the consumer. This means providing staff with the training so there are able to better understand the consumer and what they are looking for; from improving service and communication to incorporating and mirroring the use of technology. Training focused in this areas can create a workforce better matched to understand the needs of the customer and adapt the retail business to suit.