Speakers B&C Masterclass

Benson & Company only work with speakers who are exceptional achievers, industry experts, and have the ability to engage, motivate, and entertain.

An address by one of our speakers will motivate and inspire the audience. They bring a combination of professional knowledge, charisma, and entertainment, all presented in a way that is relevant to the audience.

As well as adding gravitas to the feel of your event or conference, they also bring an unrivalled level of hands on experience, industry insight, talent, and all possess exceptional track records.

Mike Mullane

Space Shuttle Astronaut, Author and Educator

Randy Street

Best Selling Author, Hiring and Retention Expert

Michael Weissman

Entrepreneur, Branding and Product Strategist and Co-Author of The Paradox of Excellence

John Kotter

Professor (Emeritus) Harvard Business School, World Renowned Thought Leader on Change Management and Leadership

Omar Khan

Global Leadership Expert, Author and Consultant

Jeffery Pfeffer

Stanford Business Professor, World Renowned Management, Leadership and HR Scholar

Patricia Aburdene

Author of the number one bestseller Megatrends 2000. Future Trends, Social Forecaster, and Corporate Transformation Expert

Lynn Brewer

Renowned Enron Whistleblower, Corporate Ethics Speaker and Creator of the Integrity Index

Jean Gatz, CSP

Employee Development Expert, Author and Inspirational Humorist

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